What Is Art Journaling?

Many people keep journals, and many people like to draw. Many people exchange letters, and many people have memorable adventures. But few people experience the delightful symphony of these combined interests; instead, they endure the confused din of many separate melodies playing all at once. Art journaling acts like a master score, blending the various sides of the soul into a harmonic song.

What Does Art Journaling Involve?

Art journaling has a simple format: the right-hand page features writing and drawing; the left-hand page holds letters, embellishments, and printed memorabilia. This frees the artist from the uncomfortable task of writing on the left-hand side of the journal, and it prevents ink leaking through the paper, ruining text or illustrations on the other side of the page.

Each journal develops as a unique creation, reflecting the author, and ultimately, revealing the beauty of the Master Creator. The components of an art journal can include:

Normal Life: Record the events, verses of Scripture, and people that make a day special. I took my journal to staff meetings and drew gestures of the speakers. It accompanies me to Sunday Fellowship, where I take notes, draw concept pictures, or sketch an item or person in the room.

Special Events: Wedding invitations, funeral programs, brochures from a tourist visit, and pamphlets from a musical performance get taped onto the left-hand page of my journal, while thoughts and sketches relating to the event fill the right-hand page.

Correspondence: Sometimes, describing our thoughts and feelings to another person gives us new perspective and expression for our own situations and problems. These letters can be copied or printed and put in the journal, along with cards or messages from friends.

Quotes: A quote from a book or story, a song’s lyrics, and a person’s words often need to be captured or expressed. Art journaling gives space to write or print, to incorporate pictures with text, and to create new fonts and styles.

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